Research with Practical Relevance

The WV Institute understands itself explicitly as a research facility with practical relevance and as catalyst for research projects in the areas of development co-operation, disaster relief and  the social sciences. The Institute closely networks with other centres of research and seeks to dialogue and co-operate with universities and their students.

Our main research topics is Child Well-being

The Institute’s most well-known and well-researched studies are  the  World Vision Children Study 2007,2010 and 2013 (World Vision Children's Study “Kinder in Deutschland”). The World Vision Kinderstudie is comparable to the well-established Shell Jugendstudie (Shell Youth Study) commissioned by Shell.

Here, you’ll find research projects already completed, a list of projects currently being undertaken, as well as research proposals for students and other potential researchers.

World Vision International Research

The World Vision Institute is having a position in the reference Group of the Evidence&Learning Unit of the World Vision International Partnership.